After seeing an exhibition of your paintings, Frans immediately had the idea to have him and the boys painted; After a few funny remarks I was allowed to join. A date for an appointment was set, but because of Frans’ health problems, everything delayed a bit.

Finally it happened: Daria came by to take pictures. It was a nice atmosphere at our house. I think I can also speak on behalf of the men that there was an immediate click between Daria and us. We have looked through the photos, discussed and decided. Everything nice in consultation with everyone. Daria got to work. In between I received messages about how beautiful the painting was, it became more and more exciting for us. And suddenly the redeeming message came: we could come and have a look.

Full of excitement we went to Daria. And the result speaks for itself. We came in and could only smile. We knew that Daria was a perfectionist and she showed that in the painting. Even the smallest details were visible, like my son’s birthmark by his ear. So beautiful, so wonderful. We couldn’t believe our eyes. The result was simply outstanding. We were/are so proud. The painting, which was given the name One Family by Daria, now hangs in our living room. We also recognize and feel as One Family. Just outstanding.

Frans & Wally

I had Daria make a portrait of my husband and me. After a conversation about how and what it should be, Daria got to work. The end result is truly stunning! The painting is very expressive and extremely realistic. It is made with incredible precision and an eye for detail. We are grateful to have such a masterpiece in our house.

Thank you Daria for making that possible for us.


Cascade Coaching

Daria feels very well what you want: I really wanted to see butterflies in a painting and shortly after our first conversation she came up with nice ideas. I had every confidence that it would become something beautiful. I also really liked that the business part was very well organized and very clear. It was very surprising to see the pictures of the progress. But even better was the moment when I saw the three butterfly paintings in real life. Made so beautifully, it gave me goosebumps.

The three paintings are now in my living room and I can look at it for hours. Everytime I look at it I see new details. I can absolutely recommend Daria if you are looking for a painting that touches your heart.


Are you looking for someone who can fully empathize with your wishes, who is genuinely interested in the background of your idea, who works with soul and care and who does not rest until the end result is perfect? Then you’ve come to the right place at Daria!

During the intake, Daria asked many questions in order to obtain the clearest possible picture of what should ultimately appear on the canvas. Pictures have also been taken.

After a ‘sneak peek’ of the painting in the making, we received a message some time later that we could come and have a look. One last look, before the varnish would be applied … It was breathtaking and emotional: we were moved to tears how she managed to put all our emotions that belonged to the story of the Melati Kosta on the canvas. The details are incredible and the passion and experience reflect the artist’s hand. Fantastic!

The painting is hanging above the sofa as a showpiece in the living room and we have already received many positive reactions from visitors. The most frequently asked question “who made this?” says it all.

Eric & Miriam

Daria listens, communicates clearly, immerses herself completely in her painting assignment, feels her customers in perfect detail, which results in the result you have in mind: fantastic!

Pieter & Lianne

De Paradox Kerkrade