Realistic Custom Portrait Painting

A hand-painted portrait of someone dear to you, how special is that? It can symbolize the love or pride you feel for a particular person (or persons). It can also symbolize a memory of a certain moment in your life or of someone who may be gone. In any case, the many layers of paint make the portrait lively and give it a unique character.

A realistic portrait consists of a clear foreground and background. The foreground (the portrait itself) is detailed, while the background is usually formed by a calm and harmonious color gradient.

Price indication

Portrait of one person from 550 euros (minimum size 40 x 50 cm).
A quotation is custom made, because the price depends on your wishes, such as the size of the canvas and the number of people. This is always without obligation.

Always included in the price:

  • All the required materials, such as the canvas and the acrylic paint
  • Topcoats for optimal protection
  • Hanging system at the back of the painting
  • If neccessary: a small photo session in my studio

Are you interested in customizing a realistic portrait? Would you like to receive a quote without obligation? Fill in the form below:


    I always use photos as a reference for my paintings.
    So it is not necessary to pose for a portrait.

    Feel free to add more photos. I can always give you advice and think along with you.