Painting – One Family

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  • Acrylics on canvas
  • Measurements canvas: 50 x 120 cm

The story

A long time ago, a father approached me because he really wanted to commission a portrait painting of ’the men’: himself with his two sons. When I came to his house for an exploratory meeting, his wife was there too. I got to know them better and I saw their beautiful (self-built!) house. They proudly told about their children, the beautiful moments in their lives, but also about difficult moments they have sometimes. They have a lot of support from each other as a family.

The original idea of a painting with only the men was eventually adjusted. The wife, or the mother, also had to be involved. After all, the painting would hang in a central place in the living room.

Because there were no suitable reference photos for the painting yet, I went by again to take photos of the family. Now I also got to know their sons. There was a lot of laughter during the photo session. I soon discovered how warm and close the family is, their sense of humor and cordiality. In consultation, a photo was finally chosen, in which everyone is very relaxed and where the warm family dynamics clearly emerge.

When the end result was revealed to the couple, they were speechless, moved and above all very excited. They are very happy with it. And very important: they really recognize themselves on the canvas. They love it! And their sons, who later saw the painting, were also enthusiastic.

This painting ‘One family’ confirms the love and warmth in this family. And they should be very proud of that. I really enjoyed working on the painting and I hope they can enjoy it for a long time to come!