Painting – Melati Kosta

  • Acrylics on canvas
  • Measurements canvas: 140 x 100 cm

The story

Her parents left for the Netherlands a long time ago as residents of Indonesia with their children on the boat. Thinking that a better life awaited them in the Netherlands, they left everything else behind in Indonesia. In the beginning it was not easy to get used to the Netherlands because of the cultural differences, but in the end they were able to settle in a cozy house and more children were born. After living in the Netherlands for years, they made a trip to Indonesia, the country they had been missing all along. They came home with new memories and a cutting of the Melati Kosta, a typical Indonesian jasmine plant. Over the years, the cutting grew into a plant with the so-called ‘yesterday-today-tomorrow’ flowers: first the flowers turn purple (yesterday), then they become increasingly lighter in color (today) and finally they turn white ( tomorrow) before they loosen and fall off.

The plant has been in all kinds of places in the parental home, from the bedroom to even the basement, and has never stopped growing and blooming. After the death of the parents, she and her husband took care of the plant. And now, almost 40 years later, the Melati Kosta is still blooming and spreading its wonderfully floral scent in their home. The plant has since become a symbol of her Indonesian roots and one of the few tangible things she still has from her parents. There are also many memories associated with this, such as the contact with her mother and the pleasant weekends where the family, now expanded with (grand) children, came to enjoy all Indonesian dishes.

The Melati Kosta has now been immortalized on the canvas and hangs in a nice spot above the couch in the living room of the clients. So they have a piece of Indonesia in the Netherlands every day.