Painting – Embracing My Imperfections

Part of my ‘Alopecia’-series

  • Acrylics on canvas
  • Measurements canvas: 80 x 60 cm

The story

Due to the autoimmune disease Alopecia, my appearance changed a lot: I was bald, had no eyebrows, no eyelashes…It was hard to accept, but at a certain point I was eventually at peace with it. After a period of struggling with my self-acceptance, beauty ideals and self-confidence, I was OK with it. I painted myself, including all of my imperfections: my baldness, my scars, my birthmarks, but also my scoliosis… It’s all there and I can embrace it. This is who I am and I’m proud of it!

In addition to self-acceptance, adjustments in nutrition, relaxation exercises, yoga and, above all, following my heart have led to who I am now: I have more self-confidence and… hair! It seems that I am slowly recovering from my autoimmune disease and I am extremely grateful for that. Painting my experiences with the disease was incredibly valuable and an absolute part of the healing process.