Painting – Calm After The Storm

Part of my ‘Alopecia’-series

  • Acrylics on canvas
  • Measurements canvas: 80 x 80 cm

The story

After two turbulent weeks of hair loss, I lost all my hair. I cut off the last few strands. During the hair loss I lived in a daze, but when I saw those last strands of hair on the bathroom floor, the realization of my baldness really hit me. I felt empty and could only look in silence at my hair on the floor… longing and full of loss. Later, a dermatologist officially diagnosed the autoimmune disease Alopecia. Not life-threatening, but serious. No one could tell me if I would ever see hair on my head again.

For two weeks our house was full of my hair that had fallen out. I couldn’t throw the hair away… I couldn’t part with it yet. That’s why I collected and kept them all. While sketching this painting, it was immediately clear: my hair that had fallen out would get a place of honor. And they got it, because in this canvas some of my ‘old’ locks have been incorporated into the painted hair lying on the floor.