Celebrate Love

  • Acrylics on canvas
  • Measurements: 60 x 70 cm


The story behind this painting:

For their 20th anniversary, she wanted to do something special for her partner to celebrate their love for each other. While her partner didn’t know, she contacted me for a portrait painting. After choosing the reference photo, I got to work and when the painting was finished, she secretly picked it up.

The colored spheres in the background of the painting refer to an image that is important to them: an illustration on the cover of his self-written book. Also, the blue orbs represent the masculine qualities of him and the red orbs the feminine qualities of her. Painting them together emphasizes their connection and interaction. And how fitting this is with the overall symbolism of the painting!

On that special day, her partner finally got to see the surprise. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He thinks it is beautifully painted and lifelike. The painting has a place in their home and symbolizes their love for each other.