Big stories, small stories… Every story in our life is unique. That fact is the starting point for my paintings. Translating a story into a painting is what I love to do the most! A personal story can be found anywhere: from a portrait of loved ones to an image that symbolizes a certain experience or memory. The personal connection with the painting makes it special, lively, timeless and a memory forever.


Personal and universal stories have been translated into unique paintings, possibly for your wall.

Commissioned painting

Portraits, flowers or other specific custom work: your story and wishes are translated into a unique painting.


Canvas bags and art cards printed with paintings from my collection. Customized gift vouchers.

“Daria listens, communicates clearly, immerses herself completely in her painting assignment and feels her customers in perfect detail”


‘Alopecia’ – series

A series of paintings about my experience with the autoimmune disease Alopecia.

“Every canvas is a journey all its own”

Helen Frankenthaler


Hi, my name is Daria

“I wanted to follow my heart and make a job out of painting.”