Do you like my painting style and is it important to you to feel a personal connection with your (future) painting? I would like to make a unique painting commissioned for that special place on the wall at your home or your practice / company / institution / foundation. From painting a portrait to a multi-panel; I am open to anything and I would love to think together with you!


A portrait of one or more people

Together with your partner
Together with your brother(s) and / or sister(s)
From your parent(s)
From your (grand)children
From a (deceased) dear person


A holiday snapshot, birth photo, favorite photo of your wedding or another precious moment

Objects that symbolize a certain memory; examples are jewelry, crockery, food, drinks or toys

Life theme

Visualization of a theme that is important in your life. Examples are love, loyalty, hope and strength

You can also think of visualizing a disease process, an acceptance process, loss, emotions or certain events


Images that make you happy!

An image that is tailored to (the colors of) your interior

Other themes, such as flowers, landscape or nature

These categories give an idea of the possibilities and can be used as a source of inspiration for a painting. You can also take a look at my existing paintings for inspiration.

My way of working

If you would like to have a commissioned painting made by me, I would be happy to meet you for a chat without obligation. We will discuss your wishes; think of the theme of the painting, the dimensions, the composition, the colors and where the painting will be hanging on the wall. As soon as we have come to a concrete concept, I will make a quotation. The moment you agree, I will start working for you with love!

I prefer to work with photos as inspiration for a painting. If you already have photos, I would like to see if they are suitable. It is also possible to schedule a small photo session together.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact me.
Do you already have a specific idea for a painting? Then make an appointment immediately. I can’t wait to hear your ideas!