From the moment I was born (1993) in Heerlen in Limburg, being creative slowly has been passed on to me by my grandfather and mother. Painting ran like a thread through my life: from art classes in high school, my job as art therapist in psychiatry to my own business as a painter.

Give me paint, a brush and a blank canvas and I’ll be happy

Being busy with intuitively mixing colors and applying this to bring a painting to life always ensures that I come into peace and can create from my authentic self. In a time where society can sometimes be quite overwhelming, hard and hectic, I hope to give back more softness, harmony and above all a lot of love to this beautiful world with my paintings.

A lot of my work is now hanging in people’s homes in the Netherlands, France, Portugal and even China! From flower paintings to personal portraits: I really enjoy making people so happy with my paintings.

Did you know...

  • …my birthday is on Valentine's Day?
  • …I am both left and right handed when painting?
  • …I mainly work with the primary colors of acrylic paint and therefore mix all colors myself?
  • …I live together with my dear partner in beautiful Heerlen?
  • …I have my studio at home?

Paintings with a story

The concept of ‘paintings with a story’ started with myself. When I was confronted with the autoimmune disease Alopecia a few years ago, my disease process has inspired me to work onverhaal uit te werken in a series of paintings. Since then I keep writing all the stories that lie behind my (flower) paintings, but also the commissioned portrait paintings that I make for my clients. Big stories, but also small stories are always wonderful to capture in a painting. It is exactly this symbolism that makes a painting personal and therefore lively.

Are you looking for a unique and personal painting? Then you’ve come to the right place!