From the moment I was born (1993) in Heerlen in Limburg, being creative slowly has been passed on to me by my grandfather and mother. From childhood on I’ve been fascinated by everything that has to do with drawing and painting, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I registered for my first painting lesson at the early age of five. From then onwards, painting became a common thread in my life: the art subjects in high school, my university study Art Therapy, painting lessons in realism and my work as an Art Therapist in psychiatry.

Painting has always been a way for me to relax, let go, recharge and process. While I tend to lose myself in the bustle of everyday life, I’ve always been able to refind myself while painting. Here I can truly be myself and there’s plenty of room for all of my creative ideas. Once I’m in a flow, the creativity keeps on going and I can paint from early in the morning until late in the evening.

Some time ago I was facing health issues and ultimately was confronted with an autoimmune disease, causing all of my hair to fall out (Alopecia). A tough process followed and the need to follow my heart grew more and more. I decided to radically change course and quit my (uncertain) job as an art therapist in healthcare and education. Finally I was able to fulfill my dream of making a job out of painting. And here we are: my dream has come true!

At the moment I prefer to paint with acrylics, since it dries fairly quickly. This enables me to work in multiple layers within a short time. My painting style can be recognized by the layering, the clear and harmonious colors, the broad color palette, attention to detail and the combination of realism with abstract elements. In my paintings I always recognize myself: the patience of a saint, the positivity, the drive, the sensitivity, the emotional depth, the passion and perfectionism.

I am mostly fascinated by paintings with a story, especially the stories about experiences in our lives. Certain events, memories or emotions as a theme can make a painting special. That is why I started working with my own story, so I am currently working on a series of paintings about the autoimmune disease Alopecia. Next to painting those stories, I can also really enjoy decorative painting. Flowers are often my favorite, although I do not limit myself to one specific subject. I have a lot of interests. I can get inspiration for a new painting anywhere; from a beautiful place in nature to a fascinating (life) story. It doesn’t matter which subject is involved, I always paint with passion and love!

These days I live in my hometown again and I make my paintings in a lovely quiet spot on the top floor of my house.